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Tips to Manage a Restaurant Successfully

A restaurant's success depends how well it is managed. Successful management will result in a loyal customer base and great reputation. It is important to have a clear plan that will keep a steady stream of customers coming through the doors.

The following are a number of tips to manage a restaurant successfully:

Control Costs: The ability to manage and control costs is essential to running a successful restaurant. You should have an effective inventory management system. It is important not to waste food by ordering too much. Too much food will result in spoilage. As well, make sure you have clear sense of how much food you need to prepare each day. When it comes to staffing costs, make sure you have enough employees during peak hours and a minimal number on duty during the slow hours.

Customer Service: Staff should be properly trained to provide excellent customer service. All staff should be dedicated, hard working, friendly, courteous, and attentive to their customers. Make sure your staff knows that they are a valued member of the restaurant. Give positive feed back and communicate positively when correcting mistakes. As well, they should be able handle customer complaints effectively and with grace. Customers should feel welcome and that their patronage is appreciated.

Food: The food you serve should be fresh. Your dishes should be unique and relevant to the theme and atmosphere of the restaurant. Offer healthy dinners for people who maintain a health conscious lifestyle. With each dish served, make sure the quality of the food is consistent. Regularly add a unique dish as a special.

Cleanliness: The restaurant should be clean and well maintained, including the bathrooms. A dirty table should be cleaned and reset quickly. Floors and walls should be clean. If the place is dirty, it will reflect poorly on the overall restaurant, including the food.

Atmosphere: The restaurant should be warm and welcoming. The decor should match the theme of the restaurant. Appropriate colors and lighting should be professional and match the ambience. Decorations should be pleasing to the eye. Consider using music to add to the theme and atmosphere.

Restaurant Marketing: It is important that you have a strategy for advertising your restaurant. This can include marketing at hotels, local newspaper, and in fliers. You should be offering daily specials as well as providing special coupons. Sponsoring community events is another way to get the word out about your restaurant. Holding special contests is a good option for advertising your restaurant. This can include holding a draw to win a meal or gift certificate. Make sure you can cater to various organization events such as providing a buffet for a large group event.

Managing a restaurant takes a lot of work, energy, and time. It is essential that a restaurant implements an effective management strategy in order to maintain a successful business. Attracting and maintaining customers is an essential component of maintaining a flourishing restaurant. With the proper management plan, one will see their restaurant thrive.


How to Attract Customers to Your Restaurant?

The ability to attract and maintain customers is essential to the success of a restaurant. You need a constant flow of customers coming into your restaurant on a daily basis. Just posting an Open sign in the front window is not enough to attract customers. You need to have a strategy to bring in customers.

The following are a number of tips to attract customers to your restaurant:

1. Market Your Restaurant: There are a number of different things you can do to market your restaurant. You can market at nearby hotels, motels, and other accommodations. You can provide a discount coupon for hotel guests. Use local flyers and newspapers to advertise special discounts. Hand out restaurant menus in public places or though the mail. You can also sponsor different events such as sporting or charity functions. You can also enter your staff in a charity event. The publicity will be very beneficial. Holding contests such as the chance to win a meal or gift certificate will attract customers.

2. Food: The food you serve is a key element to attracting and keeping customers. Make your dishes unique and stand apart from the other restaurants. Quality at a reasonable price is essential. Because more people are embracing a healthy life, offer some healthy dishes. Try serving samples in public areas such as supermarkets. As well, hand out a menu flyer with the samples.

3. Staff: It is essential to hire vibrant, friendly, and hard working staff. They are on the front lines of the restaurant and reflect the restaurants vision. Customers will return to a restaurant that has great staff. Colors and decorations should be appealing.

4. Restaurant Atmosphere: Make sure your restaurant is warm and inviting. The restaurant should be clean, including the bathrooms. The temperature should be comfortable and the seating should be relaxing and comfy. A dirty table should be cleaned and reset quickly.

5. Special Deals: It is important to offer special deals regularly, even daily. This will keep the customers returning. You can even often free appetizers such as bread, chips, or finger foods. You can also have special such as a free meal on ones birthday.

6. Gift Certificates: A gift certificate is a great way to acquire new customers. They also make for great gifts for such holidays as Christmas. Make sure you have an expiry date on the certificate.

7. Customer Loyalty Programs: Loyalty programs are a great way to build a customer base. You can send out newsletters, special deals only for them, coupons, or a complimentary meal deal such as a buy 2 get 1 free meal. You can also send out a discount offer on a new menu item. Acquiring customer emails is a great way to keep in contact with them.

A restaurants success depends on the volume of customers coming through its doors. It is important that you implement a plan that shows customers that their patronage is appreciated and valued. Actively promoting your restaurant will result in long term success.


Your Guide to Discovering Hollywood Restaurants

Hollywood is a popular tourist attraction, and Hollywood restaurants are popular with the steady influx of tourists who come to view celebrity homes, visit historic sites, and take photos of the landmark Hollywood sign. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to decide which restaurant to choose. This article will focus on some of the best takeout restaurants in the area. After a long day of site-seeing, or a long day of work, it as easy to fall into the pattern of ordering from the same take-out restaurants again and again. The good news is that there are many takeout restaurant options available.

If you are looking for a Thai restaurant in the Hollywood area, look no further than Pink Pepper. Since 1989, this moderately priced dining option has been serving traditional Thai food with a California twist. The menu includes a full assortment of salads, soups, appetizers, entrees, and desserts, and offers the option of takeout for those on the go. The Green Curry Fried Rice and the signature Pink Pepper Rolls are popular menu choices.

For a healthy, Vegan twist on traditional Thai and Chinese dishes, California Vegan serves dishes like Fried Soy Fish with Sweet Chili Sauce, and Pad Thai served with a choice of Tofu, Soy, Chicken, Soy Fish, Seitan, Pepper Steak, or Soy Shrimp. For dessert, Vegan Carrot Cake with Soy Ice Cream and other health conscious options provide an appealing alternative to regular restaurant fare.

Anyone who is in the mood for a traditional Italian dinner will want to try the cuisine offered by Vivoli Cafe, located at 7994 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. With authentic dishes like Zuppa di Mare, (soup with clams, mussels, calamari, salmon and shrimp in tomato broth) and Involitini di Melanzane (Eggplant filled with mozzarella and parmesan cheese, and tomato sauce) and a wide assortment of pizzas, it is easy to see why Vivoli is a local favorite.

For an authentic Italian breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Marcos Trattoria is also a popular Hollywood area choice. For breakfast, Marcos offers an assortment of egg dishes cooked to order, as well as Frittatas and Omelets. For bigger appetites, Gyorgys Breakfast, a three egg omelet with Roma tomatoes, mushrooms, and spinach served with diced potatoes and two Chocolate Chip pancakes with homemade strawberry topping is a customer favorite. Lunch and dinner options include an assortment of salads and appetizers, pizzas, pasta, and entrees.

These are just some of the many takeout dining options available in the Hollywood area.


Visual Cues Add to the Dining Experience

People want a dining experience that allows them to take a break from their everyday problems and stresses. As soon as people walk into a restaurant, their assessment of the establishment begins. If they do not like the appearance and atmosphere of the restaurant, they are likely to turn around and walk out. The visual cues are fundamental components to attracting and retaining diners.

The atmosphere of a restaurant should project a sense of friendliness and relaxation. It should be attractive, clean, with well dressed wait staff. The atmosphere is one part of the dining experience that is remembered. For the restaurant owner, the atmosphere along with the food is essential qualities that will encourage repeat diners.

The ambience of the restaurant must be pleasing to the eye. Ambience will depend on the type of restaurant such as luxury, informal, or fast food. With formal or luxury restaurants, a restaurant's ambience should reflect elegance. The restaurant can create an ambience by using such furnishings as fresh flowers, professional paintings, candles, soft music such as classical, linen napkins and tablecloths. There will also be elegant dress code with waitstaff in stylish and professional uniforms. Male servers will be wearing ties.

The atmosphere should emanate warmth and a welcoming. Many restaurants will use certain colors to help enhance the ambience. Colors will reflect the theme. If it is a romantic restaurant, colors will be subtle and the lighting will be dim, but the candles will provide the right amount of lighting to see one another and their meals. The color green emphasizes restfulness and tranquility. Violet and purple emphasizes elegance and sophistication. Yellow emphasizes cheerfulness and warmth. The decor will say to a diner that the restaurant is elegant, stylish, and comfortable.

Luxury restaurants provide some of the loveliest atmosphere to enjoy a meal. Most restaurants take great care in their decor, design, and lighting, in order to provide a comfortable and pleasing ambience. Restaurants that focus on a particular ethnic theme, such as Italian, Chinese, or Mexican, the furnishings and decorations will reflect and enhance the ethnic design. There may also be music to add to the ambience such as a certain type of music like romantic soft music, or there may be a performer such as a harpist, pianist, or a classical guitar player.

The aroma is an important part of a restaurant's atmosphere. The aroma should be pleasing. For instance, an elegant restaurant may have a scent of flowers in the air. As well, people enjoy such aromas as fresh brewed coffee and oven-baked bread. Unpleasant odors will only cause a diner to leave and never return.

The temperature of the restaurant should make a diner comfortable. In the winter, the dining room should be warm and cozy. In the summer, it should be comfortably cool. The proper temperature allows the customer to relax and enjoy their meal.

Designing the best and most appealing atmosphere takes careful planning. It should be designed to attract a large number of people. The atmosphere taps into one's senses such as sight, touch, smell, and hearing. The right atmosphere can relax guests and generate contentment as well as repeat customers. The proper atmosphere and food can make the dining experience pleasant, relaxing, and memorable.


Where can you find Restaurant Supplies?

If you are planning to open a restaurant, one important thing you have to do is acquire the right restaurant supplies. You do not want to spend hours or even days trying to locate the specific supplies that you require for your restaurant. There are a number of quick and easy ways to locate the exact supplies you need for opening or maintaining a successful restaurant.

One of the best ways to locate restaurant suppliers is to search online. There are restaurant suppliers of every type on the internet. Any kind of product you require can be found online. You can take advantage of online business directories that list restaurant suppliers. As well, there are restaurant supply sites that offer access to thousands of restaurant suppliers. These sites allow you to enter the type of supplies you are looking for and then it will search its database for the supplier that carries your needed supplies. It does all of the work for you. You will save a great deal of time when you use this search tool.

There are restaurant websites that categorize supplies so you can go directly to the company that provides these supplies. Many times they are listed in alphabetical order so you can just click on the item you are looking for such as kitchen supplies, kitchen equipment...etc. You can often do a search for the particular item you are looking for. Many of these sites also allow you to enter your ZIP code so you can find a supplier near you. These sites will often provide information about suppliers that offer very competitive prices on their products.

Another method of acquiring suppliers is to attend commercial restaurant industry trade shows to obtain information about various restaurant suppliers' products and services. You will have access to supplier literature and even talk to restaurant supplier representatives. Restaurant News Source is a site that provides information about various commercial equipment trade shows and they even give contact information for those wanting to acquire more information about events.

Another source of acquiring suppliers is visiting restaurant business association websites for news about restaurant supplies and suppliers. You will learn about the restaurant supply companies that are holding equipment trade shows and conferences. A couple of these sites are the National Restaurant Association website and the Prime Equipment Auction and Realty website. One can usually find discounted restaurant supplies and equipment. As well, each state will have their own Restaurant Association Website where they provide news and trends on local commercial restaurant supply companies. You should sign up to receive newsletters about restaurant supply news and trends by email. There are also news agencies and restaurant magazines that track trends in the restaurant supply industry. Two such websites are Smart Brief and Restaurant and Institutions Magazine.

Finding the right supplier for your restaurant does not have to be a difficult task. Knowing where to look and exactly what type of supplies you are looking for will go a long way to ensuring you acquire the best restaurant supplier to meet your business needs.


Restaurants With Dinner Entertainment

With the growth and expansion of restaurants across the country, there has been a trend of restaurants coming up with innovative ways to attract customers. This has lead many restaurants to add more features than just serving great meals. One method of attracting customers is to offer entertainment along with the dining experience.

The following are some entertainment concepts that have been implemented in restaurants:

1. Live music is a very popular attraction at restaurants. Types of live music performances include violinists, single instrument performer such as guitar soloist, harpist, saxophone players, etc. Restaurants can also have musical groups such as jazz bands, country bands, etc. There are restaurants that use live music to enhance the theme of their restaurant. An example would be using mariachi bands for a Mexican restaurant. There are many musical styles to suit everyone's tastes. People can relax, dine, and enjoy the fantastic music.

2. Dinner Theaters are a very popular concept. The restaurant incorporates the meal with the musical theater show. There can be particular themes such as the pop music genre, medieval times, etc. It can very interactive with the performers including the diners in the show. Most are musicals mixed with comedy.

3. There are also restaurant/ entertainment activity restaurants. For instance, there are restaurants designed for kids that have a number of entertainment activities such as carnival type games, video games, slides, jungle gyms, indoor miniature golf, and much more. Chuck E. Cheese restaurants are an example of this type of entertainment restaurant.

4. There are restaurants that specialize in murder mystery entertainment. Along with dinner, guests can become a part of a murder mystery where they have to solve clues to identify the murderer. Some of these restaurants offer murder mystery weekend packages.

5. There are restaurants that host magic shows for their guests. A magician or group of magicians will perform magic tricks while the guests dine.

6. There are also single entertainers that perform at restaurant. Types of entertainers can include comedians, balloon twisters, etc.

7. There are adult orientated restaurants such as Dave and Busters which provides adult orientated games for groups such as team building activities for work related groups (corporate management skills), solving adult games such as puzzles, races, corporate leadership games, themed parties, scavenger hunts, billiards, shuffleboard, bowling, and much more. As well, these types of restaurants can offer buffets and party platters.

8. There is now a growing trend of a theater-restaurant concept that offers sit-down dinner theaters that double as restaurants so moviegoers can enjoy a meal while watching a movie.

If you are looking for a fun night out on the town, there are now restaurants that offer great entertainment, activities, and much more with their meals. It gives customers more of a choice of places to entertain friends and family. You can have a fun filled evening at a place that offers both dinner and entertainment in the same location. Because of the growth of the restaurant industry, there is now something fun and delicious for everyone.


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